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Cell Box delivers a multitude of business applications with the objective to help our clients increase productivity, market share and generate market awareness. Our team of certified experts conducts an assessment of where your business is today. All the information taken will be sorted and referenced for the creation of strategic design to have your IT investments in line with your business goals. The production of the blue print will be a close regular work flow incorporating the latest technology features, made changes, and developed the product based on your expectations, suggestions and wishes to ensure continual improvement. The team will also provides you with custom-tailored change management guidance and advice.

Business Suite

Business Suite is a software that helps you manage your business operation. Our consultants would assess your business operation and prepare a systematic workflow on how the software would increase the productivity and maximize profitability.

Medical Suite

In today's clinical operation, a fast and prompt patient's information is a must to have. Medical Suite provides health care management, clinic management and patient's care. The Medical Suite software is applicable for General Practise and Specialist clinic.

Central Procurement

In a typical procurement process, there are criterias that govern on how to process a requisition, approve, issue the order and manage the account payable that according to the master plan and budgetery.

Product Activation

All the Cell Box products that you purchase must go through a process of activation before you can use it. Please follow the link bellow for activating your product.

Application Service Provider

As an application service provider and system integrator firm, we deals with software product, services provision, distribution, content provision and business IT solution. Through the years, we have a proven track records that we are a company that able to provide an IT solution that is planned and built towards your business needs and capacity.

Hosting Services

Cell Box has in-house resources to provide you with the full range of strategy, content, design and hosting solutions. Our service includes the following:
. Virtual Private Server
. Domain registration & hosting
. Web & Email hosting

Recent Posts

July 24

Calfarme Singapore

We have successfully implemented Business Suite into Calfarme (S) Pte Ltd.

July 18

Thailand Pet Lovers Centre

We have completed the implementation of the latest Business Suite CRM and HR for Pet Lovers Centre in Thailand.

July 14

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence module is seamlessly integrated into Business Suite software.