Business Suite

Software that runs your business

Today, more and more Small to Medium Size (SME) companies choose Business Suite software to empowered their business operation. Business Suite is tailored from a one store operation to multi store operation and able to be implemented in most of business type due to its robustness and modular design.

There are many priorities that need to be focused when using IT to complement and engage into a business operation. Some of the priorities are:

  • Save resources time and reduce manual data entry and errors
  • Manage cash flow and profitability better with timely sales information and management reports
  • Easily manage and strategize sales to maximize earnings
  • For small and mid-size retailers/ companies, Business Suite is an easy-to-use, affordable way to facilitate your stores or warehouse daily needs. It can help you manage your operations more efficiently, so you can save time and money.

    The Modules

    Business Suite modules can be mix and match to provide great flexibility for you to implement the suite software. The user interface can be on desktop and mobile tablet depending on your requirements.



    Business Suite Foundation manages the business information and settings. You can configure the business settings whether it is single or multi stores, the taxation, and the available tender modes

    The foundation includes the user roles and security. All these information are kept in the data repository and would be used each time the software runs. Cell Box offers auto backup to Online Private Cloud. Please contact our sales representative for more information on the Online Private Cloud facility.



    Process covers basic operation of a business. Procurement, Inventory, Sales and Logistic. These are common standard functions that applicable to most businesses.

    For sales management, Business Suite offers CheckLine Point of Sale, a tool that manages your retail transaction.


    Customer Relationship Management

    Managing customer expectation and shopping experience are the first steps in ensuring continuity in business sales. Trend of customer buying behaviour changes over time. For a business to progressively change its style to upkeep with the trend can be very exhausting and costly. CRM Loyalty provides you the tool to manage customer retention and manage better customer service.



    Manufacturing module is designed to aim for optimized material and resources usage, on-time production, low wastage, and upkeep productivity. Getting the right resource for a job can be challenging if the production manager has insufficient resources information or inefficient resources management.



    All operational costs are identified through Account Payable and sales revenue through Account Receivable. Finance module assists in managing account statement and account aging of the customers' accounts. The general ledger can easily be exported out and be entered into your preferred accounting software.


    Human Resource Management

    Managing staff movement can be more innovative than simply using a biometric attendance machine. Our HR software extends the option to use of mobile device to register timestamp and to provide concierge personal information to the employees. The personal information covers from Leave, Payroll and Loan. All at the employees' finger tips


    Business Intelligence

    The "End Of Day" business's performance now can be reported and assessed in a simple possible way for business owner. User friendly graphical interpretation with multi dimensional configuration can be constructed to retrieve keys for executive decision. Click here to read more


    Our Consultant

    At Cell Box, our expertise ranges across key business issue and virtually applied to every country and every culture worldwide. Our business experience is real. And so are the results that we bring to our clients. We have helped them unlock value in areas such as promoting a better marketing, sales, quality control and prompt content delivery. We have shown them new ways to transform their business to achieve higher profitability.


    Dynamic and Flexible

    Business Suite can be functioned as front-end and back-end station of the office and retail environment depending on its intended use. Or in a configuration where you need to connect multiple stores; For example a retail shop with multiple check out lanes to share inventory information and consolidate sales reporting to the headquarter.

    If you are setting an exhibition booth or running a mobile store, Business Suite can be configured using the Checkline module and deployed as a mobile point of sale by simply attaching the barcode scanner and receipt printer to your portable PC.

    Please contact us for a consultation on how Busines Suite can be fitted or tailor made to your current business operation.