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The Business

The Technology


Business workflows consist of standard and unique processes which generate many types of data. Cell Box provides services that assist in the creation of user interfaces, business logic and tools which help to manage, consolidate and promote a data management system that improves your productivity and business profitability.

Understanding your business process is important to us. We analyze, create a blue print design concept and propose a systematic solution that is adaptable to your operation. Our products provide rapid implementation, faster learning curves and have a lower the cost of deployment.



With the prevalence of today's highly available technology and communications, Cell Box leverages the concept of a prompt business tool that can be delivered to all consumers using relevant technologies.

By having data mining capability within the solution, your company will have control over the data and be flexibile in generating management reporting. You will also have the necessary information that will assist you in making better and more impactful business decisions.

All of this can be done through Cell Box solutions, which can also be customized according to your business needs.



"Since 2003, when we started working with Cell Box, they have been indispensable to our success."
David Ng, CEO, Pet Lovers Centre

"We knew the project would be very challenging and we are relieved that Cell Box is the right partner for us."
Ler Hwee Tiong, Director, Tyrepac

"It is almost a miracle. Cell Box put years of paper information in our wonderful new online system. Now all it takes is a mouse click."
Victor Tang, Vice President, Aesthetic Medical Partners